Let Us Talk About Trolls


INTERNET-TROLLS-618Cyber Stalking, sending pornography, harassment using vile or sexually explicit language etc all count as cyber crimes. If you believe that someone is committing these offenses against you then you must seek the help of authorities. These are serious offenses in the eyes of the law in most countries around the world and such allegations must be made with all seriousness.

It is advisable that you hire a lawyer before you put out any such accusations in the public domain. If your allegations do not add up then you may be liable for a legal action yourself or at the least you will end up losing your credibility in the public domain.

Let us talk about trolls. Three of them to be precise. Why am I talking about them? Because these people have leveled very serious allegations against me and this has gone far enough for me to put the record straight.

Let me introduce you to them:

Madhubrata‏ @bengalibanter_ (The Potty Mouth)

This lady who went by the name “madhubrata‏” has tagged me 110 times in her tweets since I last counted. And she is abusive. Basically a troll. Only time I have tagged her is when I was replying to a tweet. I never used abusive language against her and all my disagreements with her were political or social in nature, not personal.


Baani @funjabiatheist” (The Creep)


Now let us take the case of funjabiatheist. This lady has a special obsession. So far she has tagged me 283 times in her tweets. She keeps track of how much time I spend online, she advises me on how I should be spending time with my family and all that. All unsolicited advice. Basically she is a troll and a creep. She has also been trying to figure out where I am employed. She even threw a random guess about my workplace. You are right, such behavior is normally categorized as stalking.

Normally I don’t bother about the abuse and trolling but yes if someone is trying so hard to know about my personal details then it does become a bit unnerving. Stalkers are bad news.

Thankfully there are people who believe in uncovering the truth. The lies that were being peddled by @funjabiatheist were called out. Here is the record where she was challenged and what happened next is recorded here.

And here:

Priyashmita Guha @priyashmita (The Malicious Manipulator)

Priyashmita Guha is the third and the most vicious player in this Troll Trio.  She is the one who broadcasted the malicious allegation to her 14000+ followers that 2 girls were being harassed and doxxed! She even claimed that she saw the harassment go on for days and like a good netizen she has decided to speak up!

Again good people on Twitter confronted her and asked her for proof. She was not counting on getting confronted. She was expecting people to trust her word. Thankfully the people she accused have more well wishers than she had anticipated.

Here is where she was asked to support the serious allegations she had made. She has no reply. All she could say is “Then why don’t u investigate & figure it out?”.


Anonymity is what protected me and my family from this vicious campaign. Often people ask me to write under my own name. I would do that but how do I protect myself and my family from such trolls? These trolls are not only abusive but they are stalking me, they are cooking up serious allegations against me only because they don’t have an intelligent argument against what I write about politics and society. Imagine if this is what they can do to people online what would they do to people around them? They may accuse anyone of a serious crime and then onus to prove innocence would be on that man. Guilty until proven innocent. Guilty even after being proven innocent.


A Surgery Of Epic Proportions


Media has told us that Indian army conducted an operation across the the line of control (LoC) where special forces were dropped between 0.5 km to 2km in Pakistani territory. Again as per reports published in the Indian media, the army does not have stealth helicopters nor does it have helicopters that can conduct night raids yet India managed to fly over the highly fortified Pakistani positions and drop special forces deep behind enemy lines. Improvisation. Work with whatever you have. This is going into the textbooks.

Now from here they began an operation where they found and destroyed at least 5 terrorist launch pads (let us assume some kind of secret hide out for terrorists). The soldiers went from one camp to the other on foot destroying the camps one at a time without facing much resistance from either the terrorists or the Pakistani army. And all this while carrying light weapons. You cant air drop heavy artillery can you?  The fact that they were able to find 5 camps in few hours is also an incredible achievement.

Now I assume these camps would be at some distance from each other, if they are concentrated in a very tiny area we wont call them 5 camps, that will be just one camp, sorry I mean launch pads.Let us assume all this action took places withing a 2 km radius as is claimed by Indian media. In the dead of night, on a godforsaken border if there is gun fire then yes people in the 2 km radius will get alerted by the sound. But Pakistanis did not know that Indian troops were equipped with Manmohan Singhs. This is a gun that does the job without making any noise.

In many ways this was a mind boggling operation because we have seen during Operation Blue Star and during the recent standoff at Pathankot that a handful of well armed terrorists can fight for hours and often heavy artillery has to be used to neutralize them. These camps and all the terrorists inside these camps were destroyed using light ammo without India facing a single casualty. A historical event in the art of warfare.

But this is not it. The special forces then managed to simply stroll back into India without facing any resistance from the Pakistani border posts. I mean they could have just walked into Pakistan the first time instead of using a helicopter to fly over the posts. But of course they know what they are doing.


He is not the typical Kifaya topi lungi clad Muslim they show on the TV. Abby is educated, smart and intelligent. His friends often say he does not even look like a Muslim.  He bounces the compliment back with a cheeky smile and wink.  Abby maintains a social media presence and he comes across as person who is well versed with politics and current affairs. Abby is a firm believer in anything that is seen as progressive by his liberal mates.

Abby has just finished work, it was a busy day but Abby knows how to handle work pressure. Negotiating his way through the busy metro traffic Abby arrives at home and throws him on the bed. Time for catching up with some news.  Disaster! There has been an attack on a gay pub in Orlando Florida. Every news channel is running ticker updating the news of this gruesome slaughter. Twenty people have been killed. Abby is nervous. But why would Abby be nervous about an event that is taking place half way round the world? After all mass shootings are a regular occurrence in the US.

Fifty killed! This is no ordinary incident. Abby is not religious man but still he makes a prayer “Oh God, Oh God, please, please let this not be another Muslim involved in this act of shame”, Abby whispers.  It is almost like when Abby was anxiously waiting to know about his results in the HSC exam, his future depended on it.

Abby knows the drill, he has done this many times before but still he is nervous. It is a never a pleasant experience. Abby switches off the TV and tries to forget about the whole issue. But Abby’s phone is beeping in every increasing frequency.  Abby figures it out, his liberal friends are tweeting and posting on Facebook, this can only mean one thing. Abby’s fear has come true. The shooter is indeed confirmed as person with Muslim name. Abby takes a deep breath and gets mentally prepared for what is to come.

Abby changes his display Picture on social media to LGBT flag. There should be no confusion about where he stands. His friends are proud of him. He is that rare model Muslim that his friends once believed can never exist. Abby knows he has to be careful. An enthusiastic display of protest can be seen as an attempt to hide is homophobic Muslim existence but not Re-Tweeting his liberal friend’s tweets can also create an impression that he may just be another Muslim who is not worthy to be in the sanctimonious liberal circle.

It was a tough night, Sanghis on Twitter showered abuses on Abby while his liberal friends passionately discussed Islamic theology. Is it the Quran or are the Hadits to blame? Is it this verse or is it that verse that inspired the shooter? Abby, the enlightened soul is visibly uncomfortable; he knows his liberal friends have gently placed him in the box of the accused while they deliberate over Islamic theology. Poor Abby, he has not been exposed to such a high dose of theology even in the month of Ramadan! Or is it Ramazan instead? Anyway!

Poor Abby has gone through this before but it never gets easier. It was a difficult night but he was more scared of the next day.  Casual office conversations discussing the sad news coming from Orlando.  “Abby! What do you think will be the impact of this attack on the US elections” asks one elderly figure in a thick Indian accent. “I am not following the US election but I think this will help Trump” replies Abby. “That is not good news for you is it Abby?” says the elderly man sneeringly.

Abby knew this was never going to be an easy day. Abby quietly buries his head in the papers that he is not reading. His liberal friend notices the discomfort and decides to step in. “Fancy as smoke Abby?” he asks, “sure why not?” says Abby and they both head of the designated smoking area.

Abby’s liberal friend is wise. He knows what Abby is going trough so he decides to switch the focus. “What is your opinion about Triple Talaq Abby? “asks the liberal friend who has a passion for reforming Islam and Muslims. Abby is not sure what to answer.  Abby is not even married. Last time when Abby found a girlfriend he spent most of his time convincing her how he was not the typical Muslim. Abby broke up some time later. Apparently the conversations were not going anywhere.

In his solitude Abby often wonders why. Why is he held responsible for the act of a person who he did not even know existed before he saw the news on that fateful day just like anyone else.  He was just as appalled and saddened by the loss of so many lives.  A guy born and brought up in the US by his parents who migrated from Afghanistan, a guy who has a history of personal problems, a guy that Abby has no relation with other than the fact that Abby is also among 1.6 billion Muslims and the guy who carried out this despicable act also identified himself as a part of 1.6 billion Muslims.

Abby is hoping the news cycle will die down soon. But Abby is also prepared to be put in the box of accused once again for something he has no connection with. He loves his liberal friends.

Hindutva’s Don Quixotesque Obession

The famous Aurangzeb road in Delhi will now be called A P J Abdul Kalam road. From the social media conversation around the issue it was soon clear that the issue was not about Kalam, it was all about Aurangzeb and the desire to erase Muslim history from India. In a sting operation, convicted terrorist Babu Bajrangi was caught on tape explaining how he felt after killing helpless women and children. “I felt like Maharana Pratap” he said. In his mind he was not killing innocent Indians. He was convinced that he was protecting helpless Hindus from invading Mughals. Unfortunately this sentiment is widely shared in the Indian society. Babu Bajrangi is the Jihadi John of India and he gets free time from jail so he can attend weddings. This is possible because many people empathize with Babu Bajrangi.

The underlying ideological position of renaming road is exactly the same as the underlying ideological position of demolishing Babri Masjid. A large section of Indians have been brainwashed into believing that Taj Mahal, one of the most iconic building of India should be converted into a Shiva Temple. Such bizarre ideas stem from the ideological position that anything that reminds of the Mughal rule also brings back the humiliation of the great Hindu civilization succumbing to the barbaric Muslim invaders. These memories have to be erased and Hindu hegemony has to be re-established. Only then India and the Hindu civilization can be reinstated to its former glory.

The Aam Admi Party has weeded out all the prominent left leaning leaders and is now positioning itself as a long term alternative to the BJP. By renaming Aurangzeb road they have sent out a signal to the Hindutva brigade that they empathize with the larger cause of Hindutva. The move to rename Aurangzeb road is disappointing for Muslims who believed that Aam Admi Party will never indulge in communal symbolism. Parties like MIM will go to Muslims and reiterate the fact that they can never trust so called secular parties because all of them use secularism to hide their alignment to the larger cause of Hindutva.

Muslims don’t see Aurangzeb as their hero. This is evident from the fact that a sufi saint Shah Muntajab whose tomb is barely a kilometer away from Aurangzeb’s tomb attracts millions of more devotees than Aurangzeb’s tomb does. Renaming Aurangzeb road sends a message to Muslims that the politics of Babri Masjid is still alive. In the aftermath of the Babri Masjid demolition thousands of Indians have lost their lives in riots and terrorist attacks. Any communal politics which is similar in nature to the anti Babri Masjid movement is bound to make the minorities nervous.

The False Equivalence Between MIM and RSS

RSS believes in the idea of Hindu Rashtra. MIM has pledged aliegence to the Secular Indian Constitution.
RSS is a well funded Organisation with an estimated membership of 5 million and has a strong ideological influence over organisations like BJP, ABVP, VHP, Bhartiya Kisan Sangh, Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh, Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, Vidya Bharti, Rashtriya Sevika Samiti and Bajrang Dal Ideological influence of MIM is limited to Old parts of Hyderabad and now asking for wider community support in the name of education and jobs. The membership of MIM is fraction of that of RSS (perhaps a few thousand)
RSS has sympathizers in beurocracy and currently holds strong influence over Government of India. The Prime Minister of India has been a RSS pracharak. MIM has only one MP and few MLAs in Telangana and Maharashtra. Has little or no influence over local Govt. Has abosolute no influence over Central Govt.
RSS emerged as a militant wing of the Hindu Mahasabha. Has been banned multiple times in India. Has been accused of instigating riots through its suborgans like VHP and Bajrang Dal all across India. MIM has been accused of stone pelting and hounding Tasleema Nasreen for her speech in Hyderabad.
RSS got a total vote share of 31% in the Lok Sabha Elections via its subsidiary the BJP. For the first time in 2014 MIM crossed the vote share of 1% polling 1.4%
RSS influence national and foreign policy decisions. MIM has neither influence nor demands related to national or international issues.
RSS is looking for Hindu domination of India MIM is seeking jobs, justice and education for Muslims and Dalits in India.
RSS can form a Govt at Center and in many states. MIM has no chance of forming a Govt in any part of India.
RSS conducts 45,000  training camps everyday all over India. In these camps cadre is taught use of lathi (stick) and there has been instances where cadre has been seen with guns. Apart from this RSS holds 8000 weekly training camps for those who cant make to the camp everyday. MIM holds some political rallies during elections just like any other political party.

A Peek Inside The Mindset Of A ‘Secular’ Supremacist

Mr Rohit Pradhan is a writer and was/is associated with some think tanks. He believes in a form of secularism that I am trying decipher from an extract of his blog post.

Mr Pradhan Wrote:

“Modi would perhaps be the first Prime Minister elected in the express and rabid opposition of Muslims.”

Muslims have always been opposed to the BJP and there is nothing surprising in this fact because the hardline Hindutva forces have fought elections on the Anti Muslim agenda. In fact the BJP owes its existence to the demolition of Babri Masjid and Modi became a hero after 2002 Gujarat pogrom. Yet self proclaimed secularist like Rohit Pradhan feel Muslims are the one who are “rabid” in their opposition to Modi. Make no mistake associating words like “rabid” to Muslims is done quite by design and not by accident.

Mr Pradhan Wrote:

“They are likely to greet his rise with sullen indifference further accentuating the religious cleavages in the Indian society. The sense of being let down by the mainstream ‘secular’ parties would only encourage the rise of Muslim fundamentalism leading to their further isolation from the mainstream of the Indian society. It has dangerous portends for India’s long-term stability but perhaps is an inevitable course correction to the excesses of her ‘secularism.’”

Today the times are not as bad as they were during the secular rule of the early 90s when Babri Mosque was demolished and there were widespread attacks on minorities in different parts of the country. Congress banned five organizations, three Hindu and two Muslim. As expected the ban on three Hindu organizations was lifted while the members of the two Muslim organizations were hounded and jailed.

Muslims have braced Bhagaplur, Nellie, Mumbai, Hashimpura, Bhiwandi and similar atrocities all under the so called secular regime. The sense of being let down has always been there and it has never translated into any significant rise in Muslim fundamentalism. Here Rohit Pradhan is deliberately trying to associate fundamentalism with Muslims.

Forget letting the general Muslim population down, the secular Congress failed to get justice for their own Member of Parliament who was brutally murdered by Hindutva extremists. Why would a common Muslim have any expectations from the secular parties?

Mr Pradhan has a clear understanding of what the mainstream of Indian society is and what is the fringe. Hindus are mainstream and Muslims are a fringe. Forget the fact that there are 180 million Muslims in India, a population that is more than half the population of United States. Cant this population be a mainstream by itself? In their supremacist minds they find it impossible to accept Muslims as equal participants in the Indian society and polity.

Forget all the pogroms, forget the rise of RSS, forget the fact that Modi is a popular prime minister today. All this is not enough for Rohit Pradhan to associate fundamentalism and extremism with Hindus (which would be wrong too) but the mere suspicion that Muslims may feel let down by unscrupulous secular parties will turn them into fundamentalists? Nice one Mr Pradhan!

Shahi Imam Vs Secular Imams

News 1

Shahi Imam asks for a Ban on Alcohol.

The Shahi Imam has issued an official statement from the Jama Masjid in Delhi asking the Government to put an immediate and complete ban on alcohol and gambling in India. The Shahi Imam has said that consumption of alcohol is against the fundamental tenets of Islam and his values as a Muslim. He has also provided statistical data strongly linking consumption alcohol to violence against women, road fatalities and other violent crimes. The Social Media has reacted strongly to Shahi Imam’s demands. The hashtag #ShahiMoron started trending soon after the statement was made public.

The Supreme Council of Secular Ayatollahs has issued a statement condemning the demands made by the Shahi Imam. In their statement they have made it clear that social values of a person or a group cannot be imposed on the wider society.  While conceding that alcohol causes immense damage in the society including death of innocents on the roads and domestic violence against women, they say more should be done to educate the people to drink responsibly. The freedom of choice is non negotiable said one of the Secular Ayatollah.


Few days later…


News 2

Secular council demands a ban on Polygamy and Polyandry.

The Supreme Council of Secular Ayatollahs has issued an official statement asking the Government to put an immediate and complete ban on polygamy and polyandry in India. The Secular Ayatollahs have said that polyandry and polygamy is against the fundamental beliefs of their liberal secularism. The Ayatollahs have also provided statistical data linking polyandry and polygamy to violence against women.

On Social Media there was widespread praise for the Secular Ayatollahs. The hashtag #SecularAyatollahsZindabad started trending soon after the statement was made public. When asked for a reaction the Shahi Imam has pointed to paragraph 2 of News 1.